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Medicinal Mushroom Powders
Maitake Powder  

Maitake powder has good smell and delicious taste. It can be used as herbal supplement and as delicious food by simply adding the powder to soups, stews, rice, and casseroles. The health benefits include regulate blood circulation, reduces blood pressure and blood lipid, improves insulin levels, enhances the immune system function, and anti-tumor, anti-viral effect.

maitake powder
100g Maitake powder (3.55 oz) - $12.00
Agaricus Blazei Powder 

The polysaccharides in this mushroom stimulate immune responses to many bacterial and viral illnesses, and may aid in preventing and treating cancer.

Agaricus Blazei Powder
100 g Agaricus Blazei Powder  (3.55 oz) - $12.00
Hericium Erinaceus Powder  

Hericium erinaceus is commonly used for chronic stomach diseases and for cancer prevention. It has the functions of anti-oxidation, anti-tumor, anti-mutation, and lowering blood pressure. Traditionally, it is used to treat chronic gastric diseases and  other digestive disease.

Hericium Erincaceus Powder
100g Hericium Powder (3.55 oz) - $6.00
Reishi Powder  

As a "magic plant", Reishi has long been used as a tonic to help increase energy, improve digestion and sleep, strengthen resistance to disease, and regulate the immune system. It is widely used to improve the cardiovascular system, lower blood lipid, and treat coronary heart disease. Chinese and Japanese doctors routinely prescribe Reishi for memory loss, insomnia, hyperlipidemia, angina, chronic bronchitis, and a whole range of degenerative diseases of the elderly, including disorders associated with senility.

Reishi Powder
100g Reishi Powder (3.55 oz) - $8.00
Cordyceps Powder  

In traditional Chinese medicine, Cordyceps has been used as a tonic herb to build up strong internal qi, improve lung function, promote the immune system, heighten sexual energy and enhance longevity. Modern research suggests that it has anti-aging and immunity-enhancing function. It is used by chemotherapy and radiation patients to help fight the fatigue and lethargy associated with these processes.

Cordyceps Powder
100g Cordyceps Powder (3.55 oz) - $12.00
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