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Acupuncture Software has been developing varieties of software and educational products for health care professionals and for people interested in learning acupuncture, acupressure, Chinese herbal medicine, massage (Tui Na), Tai Chi and Qi Gong.

Acuware 1.0 is now released. It is a unique multimedia software for learning modern acupuncture. Using high resolution anatomical images from the Visible Human Project of the National Library of Medicine, it demonstrates cross-sectional anatomy of each individual acupuncture point, together with other information such as point location, indication and application.

Acuware PLE is a dedicated version of Acuware 1.0 for reviewing and testing point location skill. The user can not only practice and review the location of several hundreds of acupuncture points, but also take practical tests on point location.

Simplified Tai Chi software is a unique multimedia computer program for efficient learning of the simplified Tai Chi, the most popular Tai Chi routine being taught and practiced all over the world.

Yang's Tai Chi is a VCD demonstrating the movements of the 46 form Yang's style Tai Chi, a great reference for those who are interested in learning more advanced Tai Chi style. Tai Chi Sword is another VCD, the sword is real and the performance is great. Both are demonstrated by master Chengrong Tang.

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