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Simplified Tai Chi Software

People are fascinated about the elegant and smooth movement of Tai Chi, but often intimidated and frustrated by the continuous and complex movements.  This Simplified Tai Chi software provides an efficient solution for learning Tai Chi.  Different from other Tai Chi videos, this software allows you to view each individual movement repeatedly from front and back views. 

This traditional short form of Tai Chi for health keeping is demonstrated by Master Chengrong Tang.  It is especially helpful for beginners because of the following unique features:

  1. Demonstrated by senior Tai Chi master and instructor Mr. Chengrong Tang, a retired policeman and several time winners of Tai Chi competitions in the ancient city of Xian, China.  He has practiced Tai Chi and Tai Chi sward for over four decades and taught many students all over the country.
  2. Each movement is individually demonstrated and accompanied by concise text, which allows repetition of individual movement again and again, a powerful function especially helpful for Tai Chi instructors and beginners.
  3. Easy switch between front view and back view of the demonstration, so that the students can study the always changing position of the body in space.


Download now for $12.99

CD version for $19.99


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